Salty Adventures: Picking Salt from the Salt Pond at Salt Island, British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands are renowned for their pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning natural beauty. Among the archipelago’s hidden gems is Salt Island, a tiny paradise with a rich history of salt production. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea, this charming island offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the age-old tradition of salt harvesting and experience the magic of picking salt from the Salt Pond. In this blog, we’ll embark on a salty adventure and explore the fascinating process of salt collection on Salt Island.

  1. A Glimpse into Salt Island’s History:

Salt Island’s history dates back to the 17th century when the British colonists discovered its vast salt deposits. The natural evaporation process, combined with the island’s ideal climate and geographic location, created the perfect conditions for salt production. Salt was a valuable commodity at the time, used for preserving food, tanning hides, and more. Today, the island’s salt ponds continue to showcase this remarkable heritage.

  1. Exploring the Salt Pond:

The Salt Pond is the heart of Salt Island’s salt production. It is a shallow, rectangular-shaped pond filled with seawater that has been channeled in from the surrounding sea. The warm Caribbean sun and gentle trade winds work together to evaporate the water, leaving behind glistening salt crystals.

Visiting the Salt Pond offers a sensory experience like no other. As you approach the pond, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the sparkling salt crystals shimmering against the azure blue water. The delicate crunch of salt beneath your feet and the briny scent of the sea create an ambiance that evokes a deep connection with nature and the island’s history.

  1. Picking Salt: A Hands-On Experience:

Picking salt from the Salt Pond is an immersive and hands-on experience that allows visitors to participate in the time-honored tradition. Here’s a step-by-step guide to picking salt:

  • Begin by securing permission from the island’s caretaker or tour guide to access the Salt Pond. It’s essential to respect the environment and follow any guidelines provided.

  • Grab a bucket, a rake or shovel, and prepare to get your hands salty! Slowly walk into the shallow water of the pond, ensuring that you don’t disturb the salt crystals.

  • Gently rake the bottom of the pond with your tool of choice, allowing the salt crystals to collect in your bucket. Be careful not to disrupt the sediment at the bottom, as this could affect the pond’s delicate ecosystem.

  • Continue the process, slowly moving through the pond and collecting the salt crystals. Take breaks to admire the serene surroundings and soak in the tranquility of this unique experience.

  • Once your bucket is filled with salt, carefully exit the pond and find a spot to let the salt crystals dry. Choose a shaded area, as direct sunlight may cause the salt to clump together.

  1. Bringing Salt Island’s Salt Home:

The salt you collect from Salt Island can be a cherished souvenir or a unique ingredient for your culinary adventures. After allowing the salt crystals to dry, gently scrape them into a container for safekeeping. Remember to pack the salt securely to prevent clumping during transit.

Upon returning home, you can incorporate this special salt into your cooking, seasoning dishes, or even use it to rim cocktail glasses for a taste of the British Virgin Islands. Each pinch of salt will carry the essence of your unforgettable journey to Salt Island.


Visiting Salt Island and picking salt from the Salt Pond offers a rare opportunity to connect with nature, history, and the art of salt production. The hands-on experience of collecting salt allows you to immerse yourself in a centuries-ol

d tradition and create lasting memories

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