Ask yourself if you can go without IT or general services and, if yes how much down
time can you afford for your business?


  • Virtualization- Virtual Machine & Docker Containers 
  • Proficient in Linux from the command line via SSH
  • A/C  Deep Cleaning
  • Electronics/ Electrical
  • Networking 
  • Hardware/ Software
  • Windows, Linux, Unix Desktop and server platform
  • Ubiquity Unify / Network / Wi-Fi ,Cisco, Meraki router/ switches, other network equipment
  • IP Cameras with DVR ( Device video recorder )and NVR( Network video recorder
  • Audio/ Video over IP network

● Network Switches and Router configuration, installation, reconfiguration and
● Consultancy
● Zero Trust Networks, Access your data or resources at home or on Business site
with no need for a VPN, running with zero firewall configurations and no port
forwarding required
● AV over IP-Audio/ Video over Ip network configuration, installation and Design
● Windows Servers and PCs configuration, installation, reconfiguration, designs
and troubleshooting
● Network Cabling
● Software configuration, installation, reconfiguration and troubleshooting
● Wireless Bridges (building-to-building) configuration, installation, reconfiguration
and troubleshooting, Wireless Access Points configuration, installation,
reconfiguration and troubleshooting
● Network devices configuration, installation, reconfiguration and troubleshooting
● LAN Design and modification
● WAN Design and modification
● A/c maintenance Cleaning
● PC, Hardware and Software maintenance , designs, configurations and install
● Providing Unique skill sets as a service to the construction
● Reference letters
● General letters
● Agreements
● Draft and correspondences● Passport application assistant
● Secretarial services
● Cash Flow Statements
● Risk & Compliance
● Cloud Computing Infrastructure Technologies
● Windows password Reset for window 7/10/11 Server 2008/2012/2016/ALL , Mac
password reset
● Virtualization;
○ Proxmox, Vmware, Kubernetes (K8) & Docker Containers also on (AWS,
Google, Microsoft Azure, Linode) cloud providers
● VPN Server Wire Guard
● Internet Hotpots
● System cloning, backup and restore Automation
● Help desk system as microservice running in a docker container
● Home Automation with Home Assistant run on docker container
● Media Server (Plex & Jelly Fin) setup, configure and maintenance (windows,
docker container, Virtual Machine, Linux , Mac OS)
● Your Own google livecloud driver in Docker container

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