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We are not just another company, we are a partner, we know how it feels to run day to day business, especially if you don’t have the right tools and resources to do so. Especially those who experience hurricane Irma and Maria, going through the Pandemic, now have to deal with high cost of inflation. That is why BVI Paradise will give you the tools and resources that you need to advance ,take advantage of the digital age at hand, to transform your company to new high, new plateau.

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Website Development | Digital advertising | Database Management | Native app design | Networking

The BVI Paradise Online retail and vendor store are offered as a platform as a service (PaaS) to allow an individual, entity or non-profit organization (the “Organizer”) to post a goods & Services (“goods & Services”) to the BVI Paradise Platform to accept monetary for product & services (“product & services”) from customers or other Vendors (“customers or other Vendors”). click here for allowed products and service on BVI Paradise Online Retail & Vendor store

The BVI Paradise crowdfunding Services are offered as a platform as a service (PaaS) to allow an individual, entity or non-profit organization (the “Organizer”) to post a fundraiser (“Fundraiser”) to the BVI Paradise crowdfunding Platform to accept monetary donations (“Donations”) from donors (“Donors”). Neither the Organizer nor the Fundraiser will provide goods or services in exchange for Donations

The BVI Paradise Tutor LMS which part of BVI Paradise Crowdfunding platform are offered as a platform as a service (PaaS) to allow an individual, entity or non-profit organization, students and professors (the “Organizer”) to post a contents and videos with out violating any copy right laws (“materials”) to the BVI Paradise crowdfunding & Tutor LMS Platform to accept monetary donations or fees (“donations or fees”) from donors, students or individuals (“donors, students or individuals,”). Neither the Organizer nor the Fundraiser or professors will provide goods or services in exchange for Donations except a professor offers his or her materials for a fee, which can fix or occurring.

The BVI Paradise Booking, Rentals & Accommodations are offered as a platform as a service (PaaS) to allow an individual, entity or non-profit organization (the “Organizer”) to post a Booking, Rentals & Accommodations (“Booking, Rentals & Accommodations”) to the BVI Paradise Booking, Rentals & Accommodations Platform to accept monetary fees (“fees”) from customers, individual, entity or non-profit organization or other Vendors (“operators”). will provide Booking, Rentals & Accommodations as a service only. check here to check out the features

You know we bring and give you best services, BVI Paradise along with 88 Trucking and Rental Services

BVI Paradise introduce the new way Container management made easy, Easily deploy, configure and secure containers in minutes on Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm and Nomad in any cloud, datacenter or device.

The most popular container management platform in the world, with more than 1 million users and 22,400 GitHub stars.

Why Portainer?

Portainer’s intuitive UI and codified best practices helps organizations to adopt containers quickly and efficiently.

  • Reduce the operational complexity associated with multi-cluster management
  • Bridge the skills gap and facilitate feature discovery and learning with an intuitive UI
  • Codify cloud-native best practices with design templates and default configurations
  • Consistently apply and centrally manage access, permissions and activity logging 

Portainer’s multi-cluster, multi-cloud container management platform supports Docker, Swarm, Nomad, and Kubernetes running in any Data Center, Cloud, Network Edge or IIoT Device.


Common Portainer use cases

Portainer addresses a wide-range of container management challenges. Select a use-case below to discover how Portainer can help you.

What to expect from BVI Paradise SaaS ( Software as a service)– All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

  • A comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tab
  • Easy management of staff details, be it, employees or clients, with easy filter options
  • Management of various aspects of HR. From Attendance to Resignation, from Training to Performance, everything related to employee management becomes easy with BVI Paradise software as a service (SaaS)
  • Managing pre-sales effectively through Leads, Deals, and Estimate Management
  • Kanban and List view for convenience of users
  • Manage minutest aspects of the project for effective implementation
  • Manage Invoices, Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes through easy clicks. Never miss the due date from now on
  • Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill
  • Proposals, Invoices, and Bills details can be checked with QR codes
  • Customer/ Vendor Statement Report
  • Slack Integration
  • Zoom Integration
  • Telegram Integration
  • Twilio Integration
  • Desktop Application to Track Project Activities/Hours
  • Keep a tab on expiring contracts
  • Chat with users without having to switch tools
  • Manage your goals with BVI Paradise SaaS
  • Budget Planning Feature
  • Get a detailed report on each aspect of the Project, Sales, HR, and Pre-sales
  • Customize your business, system, and print settings in BVI Paradise SaaS
  • Available in Multiple languages

Just Few of our works mix with different platform with Air-condition Maintenance cleaning, Camera Installation, web development, Data base design, Cloud Base Point of Sales, Networking and other (Information Technology and graphic design)

GOLD LEAF BVI, MRS BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, 88 Truckers & Rentals, A & A Gift Shop (Airport),KAD Pool Works, Humane Society, Marla Bar & Restaurant, Davis Funeral Home, BVI Paradise Booking, Rentals & Accommodation, Geico Bar & More

For any service request, send us an email at bviparadise@gmail.com.

We build TICKET SYSTEM, HELPDESK, COLLECTION SYSTEMS, we can help you manage, design, configure network and information technology infrastructure, planning to outsource your IT, we can help assist and help lower the cost of ownership, new to the cloud, we can help you move to the cloud and automate your process for you. Need tip or assistant or question, we will assist you, need your Air condition clean, we can help you breed fresh air, not like other A/C companies, anyone can install a unit, but it takes pure dedication and skills to clean keep your unit running smooth and clean & fresh, from Web development, Data base design, Android or IOS application development, Cloud point of sale, or even our Platform as a Service (PaaS) or our Software as a Service (SaaS), we give you friendly, timely response, we are your partner, not just another company.

Reference letters
● General letters
● Agreements
● Draft and correspondences
● Passport application assistant
● Secretarial services
● Cash Flow Statements

Audio Video Network Switches

Air Condition Deep Maintenance cleaning


Specialized General Services Company

The opportunities abound when it comes to working in IT. Specialties include cybersecurity, cloud computing, Database design and development business intelligence and analytics, application development, networking, data recovery, data center management and web design and development,

Your processes and software shouldn’t slow you down or stop you from getting up from your desk to deal with what’s important. Technology should work for you, not dictate how you spend your day.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been the headliners among emerging information technologies. Many large businesses have begun to introduce AI and ML solutions into their operations, gaining tangible benefits such as improved customer experience, streamlined processes, reduced production issues and higher revenues.


Though most people still associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies only, the technology has been successfully incorporated into many other fields that require decentralized data storage and transparency of transactions. For example, blockchain is currently used for supply chain management, making falsifications practically impossible at all its stages (financial transactions, warehousing, inventory records, delivery schedule, etc.). The security of medical data management is also enhanced using blockchain technology.

Specialists from various industries are actively exploring the potential of blockchain. So, this year and beyond, we are likely to see new practical use cases, and the demand for blockchain experts will increase.


Spending on cybersecurity continues to grow for several reasons:

  • More and more companies are undergoing digital transformation, so they need protection for their digital business environments.
  • More businesses have been assessing the risks of data breaches and realizing the amount of financial and other losses they can avoid by developing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • Cybercriminals continuously invent increasingly sophisticated malicious activities, so companies need to hire skilled professionals and introduce advanced counteractions to resist their attacks

Growth of IoT Networks

Many enterprises have been using IoT solutions for quite a long time and benefit from them. Nevertheless, the technology doesn’t stand still. The Internet of Things continues its advancement due to the development of complementary technologies such as 5G connectivity, edge computing and artificial intelligence. As a result, IoT networks reduce or eliminate latency, becoming more efficient and secure.

This year and beyond, more enterprises that need real-time applications for their processes will implement IoT solutions, so the market will be expanding.

Cloud Migration

Though cloud computing is not new, the market growth doesn’t slow down. This is due to several factors:

  • The accelerated digital transformation of companies caused by the pandemic
  • The need to modernize legacy enterprise applications to stay competitive
  • The need for data analytics to drive business processes
  • The development of edge computing and 5G technology, which enhance cloud capabilities

Business owners realize that cloud migration is an integral part of digital development that brings a range of benefits. Currently, more companies choose a hybrid cloud model while developing a cloud migration strategy. Kubernetes orchestration and Docker containers is also a growing trend in the cloud computing world.

Here is a look at eight companies that currently use Kubernetes, including information about when they shifted to it, what they use it for, and their plans moving forward.

Jump to a company:

  1. Google
  2. Spotify
  3. Capital One
  4. The New York Times
  5. Pinterest
  6. Adidas
  7. Tinder
  8. Airbnb
We could save you money.

Our platform is more affordable than you think for something so powerful. Because it’s modular, we can give you the parts you need without paying for anything you don’t.

We’re not just another software vendor; we’re a partner.

Our team is a unique blend of problem solvers. Energetic customer supporters, super-smart technology engineers, and deep industry experts focused on overcoming your challenges.

Windows 11
Linux Server Desktop (Ubuntu)
Docker containers
Android Development
Apple IOS Development

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