Ask yourself if you can go without IT or general services and, if yes how much down time can you afford for your business

Pricing for Air Conditioning Cleaning Service:

  1. Small to Mid-Size Units: $100
  2. Large Units: $200

Standard Price: $99

This price point balances affordability for customers while ensuring that you are compensated fairly for your time and expertise. It covers a thorough optimization process, including:

  • System cleanup
  • Performance tuning
  • Security checks and enhancements
  • Removal of unnecessary files and programs
  • Basic malware scan and removal
  • System updates and maintenance tips

This price is attractive to customers looking for a one-time optimization service and ensures they receive substantial value.

At BVI Paradise General Services, we understand that modern businesses rely heavily on IT services and general services. The question you need to ask yourself is, can your business afford any downtime?

Our Commitment to Your IT and general service Needs

We are here to offer a wide range of IT and general services tailored to your company's requirements. Whether you're looking for network solutions, hardware and software support, or even assistance with security and cloud computing, BVI Paradise General Services has got you covered.

Setting up a restreamer server in Docker with the necessary hardware involves several cost components. Here's a breakdown:

Cost Components for Setting Up a Restreamer Server:

  1. Hardware Costs:
    • Server:
      • A powerful server with a good CPU (Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen), sufficient RAM (16GB or more), and storage (SSD recommended for speed).
      • Cost: $1,000 - $3,000
    • Network Equipment:
      • High-speed internet connection, router, and possibly a switch for network management.
      • Cost: $200 - $500
    • Backup and Redundancy:
      • External hard drives or a NAS for backups and redundancy.
      • Cost: $200 - $500
  2. Software Costs:
    • Docker:
      • Docker is typically free, but Docker Desktop has a Pro subscription at $5 per user per month if advanced features are needed.
      • Cost: $0 - $60 per year
    • Operating System:
      • Linux distributions like Ubuntu are free, but you might incur costs if you opt for a Windows Server.
      • Cost: $0 - $500
    • Restreaming Software:
      • Open-source solutions like Nginx with RTMP module or proprietary solutions with licensing fees.
      • Cost: $0 - $500
  3. Setup and Maintenance Costs:
    • Initial Setup:
      • Costs associated with configuring the server, setting up Docker, and deploying the restreaming software.
      • Cost: $500 - $2,000 (if hiring a professional)
    • Ongoing Maintenance:
      • Regular maintenance, updates, and support.
      • Cost: $100 - $500 per month

Total Estimated Cost:

  • Initial Setup Cost: $1,900 - $6,560
  • Ongoing Monthly Cost: $100 - $500

Example Breakdown:

  1. Hardware:
    • Server: $2,000
    • Network Equipment: $300
    • Backup and Redundancy: $300
  2. Software:
    • Docker: $0
    • Operating System: $0 (using Ubuntu)
    • Restreaming Software: $0 (using open-source Nginx with RTMP module)
  3. Setup and Maintenance:
    • Initial Setup: $1,000
    • Ongoing Maintenance: $200 per month


  • Initial Setup Cost: $3,600
  • Ongoing Monthly Cost: $200

This estimate provides a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with setting up a restreamer server in Docker with the necessary hardware. The costs can vary based on specific requirements, professional fees, and hardware choices.

Zero Trust Network

NetBird is a solution that simplifies setting up a Zero Trust Network by providing a peer-to-peer (P2P) VPN service. It aims to be more cost-effective and easier to implement compared to traditional Zero Trust architectures. Here’s a breakdown of the potential costs involved in setting up a Zero Trust Network using a solution like NetBird:

Cost Components for NetBird-Based Zero Trust Network:

  1. Assessment and Planning:
    • Cost: $2,000 - $5,000
    • Includes evaluating the current network, identifying needs, and planning the deployment.
  2. NetBird Subscription:
    • Cost: Varies based on the number of users and devices.
    • For example, NetBird might charge approximately $5 per user/device per month.
    • For 50 users/devices: $250 per month or $3,000 per year.
  3. Implementation and Integration:
    • Cost: $5,000 - $15,000
    • Includes deploying NetBird, configuring the network, setting up policies, and integrating with existing systems.
  4. Training and Change Management:
    • Cost: $2,000 - $5,000
    • Training staff and managing workflow changes to adapt to the new system.
  5. Ongoing Management and Support:
    • Cost: $500 - $2,000 per month
    • Continuous monitoring, support, and updates to maintain the system.

Total Estimated Cost for a Medium-Sized Business:

  • Initial Setup Cost: $9,000 - $25,000
  • Ongoing Subscription Cost: $250 per month ($3,000 per year for 50 users)
  • Ongoing Management and Support Cost: $500 - $2,000 per month

Example Breakdown for 50 Users/Devices:

  1. Assessment and Planning: $3,000
  2. NetBird Subscription: $3,000 per year
  3. Implementation and Integration: $10,000
  4. Training and Change Management: $3,000
  5. Ongoing Management and Support: $1,000 per month


  • Initial Setup Cost: $19,000
  • Annual Subscription Cost: $3,000
  • Monthly Management and Support Cost: $1,000

Factors Affecting Cost:

  1. Number of Users/Devices: Costs scale with the number of users and devices.
  2. Complexity of Integration: More complex network environments may require more time and resources to integrate.
  3. Level of Support Needed: Costs can vary based on the extent of ongoing support and management required.


Using NetBird for a Zero Trust Network provides a cost-effective and simpler solution compared to traditional methods. This approach is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their security posture without significant upfront investments. The total initial cost would be around $19,000, with ongoing annual and monthly costs based on the subscription and management needs.


We now Offer new service: continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time, safely protected from prying eyes. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, whether it is shared with some third party, and how it’s transmitted over the internet.

Sure, let's break down the cost components and create a feature image for setting up a Zero Trust Network using Syncthing, a popular peer-to-peer file synchronization tool. Syncthing is typically used for secure, decentralized file synchronization, but it can be part of a broader Zero Trust strategy by ensuring secure data transfer between trusted endpoints.

Cost Breakdown for Setting Up a Zero Trust Network with Syncthing:

  1. Assessment and Planning:
    • Cost: $1,000 - $3,000
    • Evaluate current network infrastructure, identify needs, and plan the Syncthing deployment.
  2. Syncthing Software:
    • No direct costs for the software itself.
  3. Implementation and Integration:
    • Cost: $3,000 - $10,000
    • Includes deploying Syncthing, configuring synchronization, and integrating with existing systems.
  4. Training and Change Management:
    • Cost: $1,000 - $3,000
    • Train staff and manage workflow changes to adapt to the new system.
  5. Ongoing Management and Support:
    • Cost: $500 - $1,500 per month
    • Continuous monitoring, support, and updates to maintain the system.

Total Estimated Cost for a Medium-Sized Business:

  • Initial Setup Cost: $5,000 - $16,000
  • Ongoing Management and Support Cost: $500 - $1,500 per month

Private & Secure

  • Private. None of your data is ever stored anywhere else other than on your computers. There is no central server that might be compromised, legally or illegally.
  • Encrypted. All communication is secured using TLS. The encryption used includes perfect forward secrecy to prevent any eavesdropper from ever gaining access to your data.
  • Authenticated. Every device is identified by a strong cryptographic certificate. Only devices you have explicitly allowed can connect to your other devices.
  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful. Synchronize as many folders as you need with different people or just between your own devices.
  • Portable. Configure and monitor Sync via a responsive and powerful interface accessible via your browser. Works on Docker containers, macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD, and many others. Run it on your desktop computers and synchronize them with your server for backup.
  • Simple. Sync doesn’t need IP addresses or advanced configuration: it just works, over LAN and over the Internet. Every machine is identified by an ID. Give your ID to your friends, share a folder and watch: UPnP will do if you don’t want to port forward or you don’t know how.

Network Services: With expertise in Network Switches and Router configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting, we ensure your network functions at its best. We also offer LAN and WAN design and modifications to meet your specific needs.

Audio/Video Over IP: Our AV over IP services include audio and video network configuration, installation, and design. We can also assist with the installation and troubleshooting of wireless bridges, access points, and other network devices.

Network Cabling: We provide network cabling solutions, including installation and maintenance of wiring and components.

The cost of network cabling can vary widely depending on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of what might influence the cost:

  1. Type of Cabling:
    • Cat5e: Generally the least expensive option. It supports speeds up to 1 Gbps.
    • Cat6: A bit more expensive, but supports speeds up to 10 Gbps over shorter distances.
    • Cat6a: More expensive than Cat6, supports 10 Gbps over longer distances and provides better shielding.
    • Cat7/Cat8: High-end cabling, with Cat7 supporting speeds up to 10 Gbps and Cat8 supporting up to 25-40 Gbps. These are usually more expensive.

1. Cable Costs

  • Cat5e Cable: $0.15 per foot.
    • Bulk Roll (1,000 feet): $150.
  • Cat6 Cable: $0.30 per foot.
    • Bulk Roll (1,000 feet): $300.
  • Cat6a Cable: $0.55 per foot.
    • Bulk Roll (1,000 feet): $550.
  • Cat7/Cat8 Cable: $1.50 per foot.
    • Bulk Roll (1,000 feet): $1,500.

2. Connectors and Jacks

  • RJ45 Connectors: $0.20 each.
    • Bulk Pack (100 connectors): $20.
  • Keystone Jacks: $2.00 each.
    • Bulk Pack (50 jacks): $100.

3. Patch Panels

  • Cat6 Patch Panel: $100.
  • Cat6a Patch Panel: $150.
  • Cat7 Patch Panel: $200.

4. Cable Management

  • Cable Clips/Ties: $15 for a pack of 100.
  • Cable Trays: $40 each.

5. Installation Costs

  • DIY Tools (Crimping Tool, Cable Tester, etc.): $100 (one-time cost).
  • Professional Installation:
    • Residential: $75 per hour.
    • Commercial: $150 per hour.
    • Typical Job:
      • Small Installation: 4 hours x $75 = $300.
      • Medium Installation: 8 hours x $150 = $1,200.

Example Fixed Price Scenarios

Small Office Setup (e.g., 200 feet of Cat6 cabling):

  • Cable: 200 feet x $0.30 = $60.
  • Connectors: 20 x $0.20 = $4.
  • Patch Panel: $100.
  • Cable Management: $20.
  • Installation: 4 hours x $75 = $300.

Total: $60 (cable) + $4 (connectors) + $100 (patch panel) + $20 (management) + $300 (installation) = $484.

Larger Installation (e.g., 1,000 feet of Cat6 cabling):

  • Cable: 1,000 feet x $0.30 = $300.
  • Connectors: 100 x $0.20 = $20.
  • Patch Panel: $150.
  • Cable Management: $40.
  • Installation: 15 hours x $150 = $2,250.

Total: $300 (cable) + $20 (connectors) + $150 (patch panel) + $40 (management) + $2,250 (installation) = $2,760.

Hardware and Software Support: From software configuration and troubleshooting to Windows Server and PC setup, we've got your hardware and software needs covered.

Cloud Computing: We specialize in Cloud Computing Infrastructure Technologies virtual machines, and containers like Proxmox, Kubernetes, and Docker Containers.

Security: Our services extend to VPN server installation and configuration, internet hotspots, and help desk systems. zero trust network approach,  We can help ensure your network is secure.

Hardware Maintenance: For physical hardware maintenance, we offer A/C maintenance cleaning and PC hardware and software maintenance, designs, configurations, and installations.

Diverse Expertise: Our team is experienced in various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and ChromOs Flex, and we offer IP camera services with DVR and NVR for your security needs.

Our services are priced at an affordable rate of $150 per hour, ensuring you receive high-quality IT services without breaking the bank. Or we do offer monthly and yearly contracts

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We are committed to providing excellent service, and we're confident that our services can meet your IT needs. Reach out to us via phone at 284-5438329 (Whats App), or email us at [email protected]. Visit our website at https:/ for more information.

Thank you for considering BVI Paradise General Services for your IT and general requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your company.


  • Network Switches and Router configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting
  • Consultancy
  • Dockge- A Docker Manager for Self-Hosting Enthusiasts:Finally, A Docker manager tailored to the home lab enthusiast!

Dockge is a versatile tool that simplifies Docker management, particularly when dealing with Docker Compose.yaml stacks. It empowers you to effortlessly perform tasks like creating, editing, starting, stopping, restarting, and deleting Docker containers and services—all conveniently defined within your Compose.yaml files. Dockge features an interactive Compose.yaml editor for hassle-free configuration and offers real-time interaction with your containers and services through its web terminal.

You can monitor progress in real time, whether it's image pulls or other container operations. Its user interface not only gets the job done but also boasts a stylish design, making it a pleasure to use. If you appreciate Uptime Kuma's sleek UI/UX, you'll likely find Dockge's interface equally appealing. Additionally, Dockge simplifies the process of translating complex "docker run" commands into Compose.yaml configurations, maintaining a file-based structure that securely stores your Compose files on your drive. You can easily access and manage them using standard Docker Compose commands, ensuring you remain in control of your configuration files.

What is Dockge?

Dockge is a fancy, easy-to-use and reactive self-hosted docker compose.yaml stack-oriented manager.

Dockge, developed by the creator of the widely acclaimed Uptime Kuma, offers a streamlined user experience where everything you require is conveniently available on a single page, easily viewable at a glance. When you create a new container, you'll find logs, a YAML editor, a terminal, and container controls all within arm's reach. There's no need to open multiple tabs to check your logs or manage your containers. Dockge consolidates all essential functions into a single interface ensuring a seamless Docker management experience.

  • Zero Trust Networks, access your data, home or business site without the need for a VPN server or poking holes in your firewall
  • Cyber Security
  • AV over IP - Audio/Video over IP network configuration, installation, and design
  • Windows Server, Linux Server and PCs configuration, installation, reconfiguration, designs, and troubleshooting
  • Network Cabling
  • Data Engineering
  • Software configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Bridges (building-to-building) configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Access Points configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting
  • Network devices configuration, installation, reconfiguration, and troubleshooting
  • LAN Design and modification
  • WAN Design and modification
  • A/C maintenance Cleaning
  • PC, Hardware, and Software maintenance, designs, configurations, and installation
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure Technologies
  • Windows password Reset for Windows 7/10/11 Server 2008/2012/2016/ALL, Mac password reset
  • Proxmox, Kubernetes (K8), and Docker Containers also on AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Linode, and other cloud providers
  • Zero Trust Networking with Net-bird & Twingate
  • Internet Hotspots
  • System cloning, backup, and restore Automation
  • Helpdesk system
  • Reverse Proxy : nginx proxy manager & cloud flare tunnels
  • Home Automation with Home Assistant
  • Media Server (Jelly Fin) setup, configure, and maintenance on Docker container.